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Arthur Jones is a coach, trainer, and entrepreneur, who aims to bring out the best in others and future generations through fitness, health, and basketball.  Born and raised in the Bay Area, he has been able to experience a diverse outlook, which helped him figure out his purpose in life. Originally pursuing a career in sports medicine, he was able to learn from a variety of brilliant minds and apply his knowledge to help people of all ages build better lifestyles and continue to do the activities they love.  Arthur continues to build on his passion by providing an inspiring, relatable avenue for people to better themselves through HAMASA Fitness, HAMASA Basketball Training, KAIZEN apparel, and San Jose Spartans Basketball AAU program.  



HAMASA is an acronym for the people who raised me and the values instilled throughout my life, which I apply to training.  

HAMASA = Family = Values

Helen (Grandmother) = Hard Work

If you want something worthwhile or of true value, it requires HARD WORK. The life you want to live, the relationship you want to keep, the career you want to have, the body you want to obtain, the skills you want to develop, all require hard work.  

Ann (Mother) = Ambition

“A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.” If you want something, don’t worry about the result, but rather, plan the process and work hard at it everyday. In due time, you will accomplish your goal.

Marissa (Sister) = Mindset

A self perception that people hold about themselves. Specifically, the growth mindset creates a love for learning and a resilience for developing which leads to constant improvement and a view of challenges and failures as opportunities.   


Arthur (Father) = Awareness 

The ability to directly know, perceive, or to feel of a situation or fact. Build AWARENESS of what your mind and body can do. UNDERSTAND how your body and mind should move and feel. TAKE ACTION and become stronger each and every day.   


Senoj (Sister) = Self


As a coach/trainer, I promote and teach a lot about understanding oneself. Self-respect, self-reflection, Self-love, self-sufficiency, self-improvement, self-motivation, self-discipline, self actualization etc. To be happy in life and to build a legacy, we need to first love and understand ourselves. Message to all:  “Do not forget or change who you are. Continue to become a better version of yourself while bringing out the best in others. Continue to lead by example while staying humble and promoting respect. Experience, learn, grow and understand oneSELF. 

Arthur (Me) = Accountability

I have been held accountable from multiple areas of my life. From family and friends to my clients, players and organization, they have all indirectly held me to a certain standard to be the best that I can be. Even though it is great to have this type of support and love that holds you to a certain standard in life, there is only one person that should always hold you accountable.  That person is YOU! Always be responsible for your actions and aim to be better each and every day. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHO YOU ARE AND WANT TO BE! DO IT FOR YOU!

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The mission is to bring out the best in others through fitness, health and basketball.  Through fitness, he sets an example to enjoy exercise and food through adopting a balance and active lifestyle so we can continue to do the activities we love with the ones we love.  Through health, he provides inspirational support and education, so we can grow physically, spiritually and mentally as human beings. Through basketball, he constructs a platform for the youth and other enthusiasts to exceed their potential with this unified sport so it can translate to their development as a player and as an individual. He commits himself to continually improve as a person, an entrepreneur and a service while providing a path for others to exceed their potential through fitness, health and basketball. 

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